Structural Support for Loft Over Garage
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Structural Support for Loft Over Garage

by robinsbd » Sun Feb 16, 2020 3:16 pm


I have just built a garage that is 24 foot x 30 foot. It has a fairly steep gable type roof like an A. The space over the garage was originally designed for storage and it has a good open space with 9 feet of headroom. I would now like to convert it to be more of a living space rather than storage. I want to know whether the existing structure is strong enough or what needs to be added to make it strong enough.

Here are the existing structure details:

* 2x8 ceiling joists 16 inches on center (24 foot span)
* 2x8 roof rafters 16 inches on center
* 2x8 roof ridge board
* 2x4 knee walls
* 1/2 inch plywood decking

The space below is all open garage floor space. The ceiling is finished on the ground level. The loft space is still unfinished, but it has already been insulated between the ceiling joists and the rafters. It seems like it is almost capable, but I’m worried it needs additional support or strength.

I look forward to your feedback and ideas.


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