Sugar soap / rinsing removing the paint !?
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Sugar soap / rinsing removing the paint !?

by hoogerbooger » Mon Aug 22, 2022 3:49 pm

I'm on my third rinse after the sugar soap .....and the sponge is just coming off white with paint. Initially thought it was just sugar soap residue....but now I can see two old test pot squares appearing through the top coat !!, so the white top coat just appears to be dissolving off.

It's a toilet/washroom ( never get very humid) that I did a terrible paint job on about 12+ years back using a really cheap white matt emulsion that didn't want to cover the yellow matt emulsion underneath. I presume (?) I washed down the yellow paint with sugar soap, but can't remember.

I'm pretty sure the paint is dissolving off as I rinse, but am not sure what the cause is e.g. could be just rubbish paint that was used, or perhaps I previously painted over sugar soap residue, or maybe I didn't clean the walls and it was dusty/greasy ?

BUT what do I do now to do get a decent coat of emulsion on? Is this a case where I need to put an oil based primer on first ? and then a decent quality emuslion ? (If so I have some Leyland Trade Alkali Resisting Wall Primer..if that's any use)

Advice appreciated.

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