Supply earth
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Supply earth

by hondapete69 » Fri Dec 05, 2008 8:13 pm

We are in the process of fitting a new consumer unit and prior to any work it appears not to have an earthing point on the main incoming supply, this is a 30s built house.
Is it the responsibility of the supply company to fit an earth or will I have to get an earth rod fitted outside. At the moment it is just strapped to the incoming water lead pipe. Thanks for any advice Peter :(


by ericmark » Sat Dec 06, 2008 9:52 am

The supply authority does not have to provide you with an earth however they do need to tell you what system you have.
It is considered to have houses close together with different earth types i.e. TT that’s with earth rod and TN-C-S that’s when authority provide can cause danger not really worked out what danger anyway as a result they should tell you what system you are on.
I would however even if you put in earth rod/s still use earth cables thick enough for TN-C-S system in case it ever changes.
With my parent’s house built 1954 I found a wire about 2.5mm bare copper going to an earth rod and noted next door was on TN-C-S so I phoned as asked what earth I should have and told them next door was TN-C-S and they came and fitted an earth FOC the electrician who had fitted to board had not connected any earth cables he was employed by the builders and had offered to change the consumer unit for an extra £70 (pre-17th) rather than fit a external RCD think he wished he had never opened his mouth as wiring was old and RCD would not hold in. Going to get it all over again soon when new kitchen is fitted. We (My son and I) know the house needs a re-wire but my dad will not let us do it says he does not want to live in a building site and at 85 not easy to get him to change his mind.
For a house built 1930s I would have thought original would be oil or gas lights and electric would have been added if not the double cotton covered or rubber cables would be well past their best so I would expect it has been re-wired once at least I have found earth rods made of steel not copper coated steel as used today under floor boards on ground floor before now.

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