Tarmac drive installation and sink holes appearing
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Tarmac drive installation and sink holes appearing

by pfm401 » Mon Oct 05, 2020 3:18 pm

Not a DIY one but just had a tarmac drive laid a week ago, resurfaced main bit and extended a metre either side. The job looked really good until rain over the weekend ..

Now there are "sink holes" on one of the extended sides. In addition some of the stones have come loose from the main drive and it looks "rough" in places, not smooth. I spoke with the contractor who to be fair will take a look but worried about getting fobbed off ... I can't see how he can argue with the sink holes but I'm not sure what the top surface is meant to look like ... I do know it's SMA and that was a selling point as we were told that's the best quality ...

Anyone know anything about this???

Thanks, Paul.

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