Trade Advice needed for various home projects
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Trade Advice needed for various home projects

by speake33 » Wed Sep 14, 2022 8:48 am

Hi, we are planning the following projects in our home but have NO IDEA which tradesmen can help us with each part (we are absolute newbies to any sort of home improvement, so bear with):

1) Removal of internal brick wall in lounge - we need to find out if this wall is load bearing or can just be knocked out
2) Addition of ensuite to master bedroom - not sure if where we want it would work
3) Planning kitchen extension

So we know we need an architect to draw plans for the kitchen extension, but who would help with the other items - could an architect tell if a wall was load bearing or do we need a structural engineer, or a builder? With the ensuite placement, again would an architect know if where we want it would work, or would we need a plumber or builder?

Really appreciate any help at all, please be basic!

Thank you

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Re: Trade Advice needed for various home projects

by northhertsdiyer » Wed Sep 14, 2022 2:35 pm

So an architect might be able to tell if it's a load bearing wall in person but they wouldn't want to put that in writing due to their insurance. Any structural advice, they will typically rely on a structural engineer - who are qualified and willing to state facts.

Regarding the ensuite - where is the nearest waste stack? I would be inclined to put the ensuite as close to that as reasonable possible.

Architects will be able to help you with the design, but come to them with ideas. Try and get a builder to look at the plans before you finalise the architects drawings as architects are notorious for overlooking the practical side of construction.

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