Tungsten v Discharge which really saves energy?
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Tungsten v Discharge which really saves energy?

by ericmark » Thu Oct 16, 2008 2:11 pm

I think it is the time of year to change bulbs!
During the summer I use discharge bulbs which reduces the electric bill but with thermostat radiator valves in the winter no longer can I have dual temperature setting in every room so cooler during the day and warmer at night.
But tungsten bulbs radiate heat which can’t reach the thermostat radiator valve so by changing the bulbs to tungsten in the winter it increases the temperature of any room in use at night and allows me to set all the valves to a lower temperature during the day. There by saving energy!
I asked energy saving trust about this but it seems no tests have been carried out as it is all dependent on the number of air changes per hour. Because the radiated energy from bulbs heats the body directly and does not heat the air it becomes more efficient the more air changes one gets.
Also because the perceived heat is different from real heat and the colour of the thermometer will change the reading taken it is near impossible to test to show as being true or false.
So I am asking does anyone else do this and what has been the result?
Of course energy saving discharge bulbs are used outside.
Thanks Eric

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