Two old 1970's radiators not getting hot
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Two old 1970's radiators not getting hot

by jjscruff » Fri Nov 10, 2023 4:02 pm

Couple of radiators in my house are 1970s whereas the rest are modern. The pin on the TRV gets stuck in and last year i had to lube them up to get them to pop out. It worked and the radiators worked great.

This year the same i have lubed them up and the TRV pins are all good
However neither radiator is hot

Valves are open and tried bleeding but just water came out

The pipes leading to the radiators (which are in different rooms) both feel cold even after an hour of heating running

Any ideas what the issue could be here?


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Re: Two old 1970's radiators not getting hot

by stoneyboy » Sat Nov 11, 2023 9:41 pm

Hi jjscruff,
If you get a plumber in you will probably be told the system needs flushing. Before you call in help try turning off the radiators that get hot the quickest - there’s probably 2 or 3 like this. If your dead radiators come on your system needs balancing.
Regards S

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