Underfloor heating - wet system or electric (Warmseal)?
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Underfloor heating - wet system or electric (Warmseal)?

by birdy » Tue Aug 21, 2007 8:24 am


Am putting concrete floors in my kitchen/diner and will put down ceramic or stone floor tiles and wish to have underfloor heating. Not sure which option to go for.

Am worried about having a wet system if any problems develop what option is there other than to rip the floor up and start again ...

However if I use say Warmseal, having watched the DVD they say the system has a lifetime guarantee - sorted .... but not sure of the comparison costs to run compared to wet system and does it warm up the room as well as the floor. My husband worried that the floor will have to be scorching hot to put out enough heat to warm the room.

Would really appreciate advice from anyone with experience of either system.

Look forward to an early response ..... :0)