Underground ducting for future electricity supply?
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Underground ducting for future electricity supply?

by troublemaker » Sun Jul 19, 2009 6:04 pm

I am about to resurface a driveway between the house and an outbuilding. I anticipate wishing to run mains electricity to the outbuilding on the other side of the driveway at some future time (but not yet!).

It would seem sensible to lay some sort of duct beneath the driveway at this time. What are regulations? depth? best practice? As the cable will be armored anyway can I just use a length of 4" sewer or even 2" plumbing pipe as a duct? Or are there special requirements for electrical ducts? Identification? Color coding? etc.

Am I likely to run into trouble getting sparky to certify when eventually comes to laying the SWA cable?


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by sparx » Sun Jul 19, 2009 7:49 pm

Hi, no problems, in domestic situation duct colour not important,
main thing is that at each end it needs to be deep enough not to be disturbed by normal gardening.
Generally 600mm is considered ok, swa is not very flexible but 2" pipe for drive width would be enough, put draw string through to ease later cable install.
When cable added leckie will want trench back filled to half depth over cable then marker tape and final back fill so any later digging should find marker before cable,
far from problem sparky will be pleased to have proper duct in place,
regards Sparx

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