Unsupported stud wall and leaking wetroom, please help
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Unsupported stud wall and leaking wetroom, please help

Post by Kinso89 » Sat Aug 20, 2022 4:48 pm

Long story short, wetroom placed by previous owner has leaked. I've removed the wetroom shower base to expose the joists to help dry it out.

The floorboards run under the wall from the bedroom next door. The floorboard ends in the bathroom have rotted through damp and had to be removed. They were sat on noggins on the joist. This has left the wall , which sounds like a stud wall, unsupported at one end where the floorboards were affected.

How can I strengthen this area now the floorboard ends have gone? New noggin into joist which extends to new edge of floorboard?

I can feel the floorboard under the wall extends 8.5 inches from the joist which leaves a gap of 3.5 inches from the next joist.

Picture attached.

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Re: Unsupported stud wall and leaking wetroom, please help

Post by stoneyboy » Sun Aug 21, 2022 9:55 pm

Hi kinso89,
Suggest you remove the two odd bits of wood shown in your picture. Cut two lengths of 100x50 treated timber which can be tucked under the left wall to fill the whole length. Drop one piece in place and move it under the stud wall, fit the second piece so it is level with the existing joist and screw into place. Now pull up the second piece which should support the floorboards under the stud wall and screw through the existing joist and the first piece fitted - you'll need something like 140mm screws. You may need to put screws in the top of the second piece so you can lift it into place. If the second piece is not wide enough to support the stud wall use 75x100 timber.
Regards S

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