UPVC Glazed Door Multi Lock Handle not Going all the way up
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UPVC Glazed Door Multi Lock Handle not Going all the way up

Post by Platypus62 » Sat Sep 23, 2017 6:11 am

I've just bought my first house and moved in a few weeks ago. To the rear garden is a glazed UPVC door with a multi lock mechanism.

Yesterday I came in and closed the door, turned handle upwards and went to lock but key would not turn. I pushed handle down to open and tried again. Seems when turning handle upwards, it's not going all the way up, this causing the bolt and hooks to slide only partly into position within door frame.

I used a GT85 spray to lubricate parts and tried again after ten mins. Still the same.

Having looked up video on how to fix I began to take lock out from door to see what issue was.

Big mistake. I unscrewed the posiscrews and set aside. I then took out machine screws.

The bottom sliding hook mechanism has fallen inside the cavity of the UPVC door. I tried using one of those magnetic extending rod things to fish it out but I'm not able to. I figured if I was able to get the top sliding hook to work then I could at least get the door locked in place for the night. I had no luck and at 01.00am I had to give up.

Any ways to remedy the situation?

The fallen hook part that's inside the door, is there any way to get this out? Even if I do, does it sound like I am needing to replace the whole lock anyway?

Also is there a way I can maybe remove most of the non working parts and just use the barrel and key to keep the door secure.

I am getting a bit spooked as I live alone in a new area and not comfortable knowing this door is unlocked at night.

Thanks for any advice.

Doctor DG
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Re: UPVC Glazed Door Multi Lock Handle not Going all the way up

Post by Doctor DG » Mon Oct 02, 2017 5:55 pm

Oh dear you did get into a pickle! If the door works when open , ie the handle lifts and the key turns , then the problem is of alignment between the door and lock strikes on the frame. Often the doors drop and this causes the problem locking. You have undone the screws which hold the hook/bolt cases on . I suggest calling a locksmith as it's rather to complicated now to explain the remedy. Go local though and use a Checkatrade locksmith.

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