Utilities and Supply for Log Cabin Garden Building
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Utilities and Supply for Log Cabin Garden Building

by bjf2019 » Fri Jan 18, 2019 3:02 pm


Looking at building log cabin in the garden. Size wise its within permitted development, however after some advice on the utilities side...
Water - do i need planning permission to add a t-junction onto the water supply, so i can get water to the cabin. The pipe runs through my garden, and that's where i'd t-off (is my assumption?), so i guess is effectively my own 'private' supply pipe?
Electrics - I'm aware i'll need signed off electrics/approved sparky to run a new ring main to the cabin, but do i need to get planing permission for this?
Sewage - Do i need planning permission to tap into sewage pipe & ad manhole cover, if its in my garden?

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Re: Utilities and Supply for Log Cabin Garden Building

by collectors » Sat Jan 19, 2019 12:48 pm

We did quite a few log cabins years ago with customers wanting an office at home. You can tap into the water supply as long as it's after the main outside stop cock where they may want to fit a meter. "make sure it only supplies your house". You can run a new soil pipe, but i would check with your local building inspector if you need building regs. The electrics are best taken from the main consumer unit & run in SWA cable at least 450mm underground & depending on load should be at least a 6mm SWA or even 10mm depending on the length of run as i assume it may want some sort of heating.
One thing you must do is declare what the building is for if its not just a garden room. Most of the ones we did the council were told there was a change of use from garden building to office use.

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