Victim to Impossible Planning Conditions and Advice Needed
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Victim to Impossible Planning Conditions and Advice Needed

by clum » Wed Jan 09, 2019 4:02 pm


we have 9 outstanding planning conditions that "cannot be discharged" or which contain "nothing to discharge therefore they cannot be discharged".
we have fulfilled the criteria in each case to the meaning of the condition, but the authority are insisting "certificate of lawfulness" is obtained in each case.

Some of the conditions have been approved by the planners own people, (ecologists) who say "sufficient detail has been provided to enable discharge" yet the planners will not discharge them.

Other conditions specify a material is used, planners acknowledge correct use of materials and refuse to discharge the conditions.

To me it all seems like complete madness and the only thing achieved will be more fees collected from me!

I genuinely fail to see how if a condition "cannot be discharged" when its conditions have been fulfilled that it can be in in line with requirements which state conditions must among other things be reasonable and precise. if it contains nothing to discharge a condition MUST be imprecise. If it cannot be discharged by completing requirements a condition cannot be reasonable.

The question is - where to go from here?
can the planners be made to back down or would that require a trip to the courts? otherwise its suck up the additional fees and grit the teeth... Oh joy!

They are swines!