What Pump is Best for Rainwater Harvesting
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What Pump is Best for Rainwater Harvesting

by kbob » Wed Mar 13, 2019 2:21 pm

So my question is what pump is suitable for lifting water 2 meters and then pushing it up 9 meters?

The context:
My aim is to capture water which is initially filtered in a ground level container. From there i need it sucked through a 3 stage filter, then through the pump (filter first to enable clean water through the pump), then lifting the water to the loft water tank.

We do not use much water at all apart from the occasional bath. Otherwise it's showers in the evening. Water wouldn't be for drinking. Just toilets, sinks and showers/bath.

There are many types of pumps, but knowing which one to get is boggling me. I understand having a high head is required, but if you have a head of 10 and lifting the water 8 meters, i assume the flow rate would be more of trickle? Ideally it would include a pressure switch, so when it looses pressure, it kicks on.

Ultimately, what would be ideal is if it could be 12/24V capable to enable being powered by solar.

Any advise is greatly appreciated.

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