Where to Start With Listing Jobs to be Done After Cowboy Builder
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Where to Start With Listing Jobs to be Done After Cowboy Builder

by be96erj » Sat Jun 29, 2019 4:06 pm

Ok, I will keep this short. I got done over by a cowboy builder. He left me with an unfinished house and took all my money allocated to the project. Eventually, his insurance paid out (2 years later).

I now have a list of things I need doing to pass building control and also a list of things I personally want doing as the standard of the cowboy work was (unsurprisingly) shocking.

So my question is this- where do I start? Any builders I have spoken to seem reluctant to price up the job because there are too many variables. I can't blame them really. But who should I get to list out all the works to be done? Someone mentioned a quantity surveyor to me- but every QS I contact seems to want to rip me off by saying they would have to look behind the walls and floors to ensure the work will not find extra work that the builders haven't quoted for (which makes some sense)!

Any help would be gratefully appreciated. thanks!

Who do I employ? Also I was let down by my architect who I am also taking legal action against!

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