Which Makita Circular Saw Should I go for?
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Which Makita Circular Saw Should I go for?

by Witterings » Sat Jun 27, 2020 1:09 pm

I have Makita batteries and charger so was going to get one of ther circular saws but have no idea what the different specs are (newish to DIY) and differences it makes.
It'll be for relatively light home use but don't want to get something that of I start using it more quickly wish I'd spent another £20/30 and bought the next model up ... flip side I don't want to unneccassarily spend money.
What's the difference in number of teeth (I'm guessing it's possibly a smoother / finer cut with more) and also what's a brake do ... literally stop the blade spinning when you take your finger off the button??
I'm thinkg the bigger the cut the more versatile it'll be??
I've posted a link to Screwfix's choice below, if anyone can guide me to what I should get it'd be much appreciated.
https://www.screwfix.com/c/tools/circul ... and=makita

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