Which Thermostat?
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Which Thermostat?

Post by nrestell » Mon Feb 15, 2010 2:19 pm

I currently have a combi boiler and connected through the wall (to the other side) is a simple thermostat. This stat has two wires and was working fine. Recently, the stat is playing up and needs replacing.

Can I install a wireless RF stat or not? Does a two wire system limit the stat I can fit to just the basic ones?


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Post by ericmark » Tue Feb 16, 2010 4:44 am

Most electronic stats use two wires. Most old mechanical types need three wires. Most radio controlled stats need three wires.

The "Horstmann DRT2 Room Thermostat" needs just two wires and that one also has timer built in so instead of switching off central heating it selects a different temperature so no need for frost stat. At £23.25 not really expensive. They need batteries changing every two years.

The "Horstmann DRT1 Room Thermostat" is same without timer and at about £19 is it really worth doing without time function?

I use DRT2 and it hold temp at 16 degrees at night then 20 degrees first thing then drops to 18 through day and back to 20 degrees in evening 5 days a week the sat and sun only has two settings.

Prices I got from Screwfix site to give you idea of costs.

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