Zinc roofs - are they accepted by planners?
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Helen back
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Zinc roofs - are they accepted by planners?

by Helen back » Tue Apr 07, 2009 2:06 pm

I am looking into a barn conversion with a huge roof area. At present the barns are covered in corrugated iron and there is planning permission to replace this with red tiles. I am concerned that the old wooden frame will not support the weight of the tiles and the cost of so many tiles. I really like the look of zinc roofing. It also appears to be in keeping with the original roof type, cheaper, lighter and quicker to install. How do planners look at this type of roof?

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by chriseccles2 » Sun Jun 27, 2010 8:35 am

Hi Helen

I think most LA's in Britain will run a mile from a proposal to
use zinc as a barn-conversion roof !

Are you in a conservation area ?
Is the rest of the building architecturally 'nice' ?
What are your budget constraints ?

Corrugated iron will be fixed to purlins because it runs up-and-down
a roof in long spans, as opposed to slates or tiles, which require
battens at close intervals. Find out how far spaced are the principal
rafters on which the purlins are laid. If they are as close as 2 feet or so,
and the section of the rafter is 6" x 2" or better, you may get away with
battening directly on the rafters and using either plain tiles or pantiles.

Most treatments would be better than zinc (!) and I have no doubt
that your LA will echo this sentiment. Also, you will find it hard to get
a roofer skilled in zinc work these days.

Ten years ago, I did a roof which was corrugated asbestos and replaced
with slates. All I needed were additional rafters in between each of the
existing, and this was by no means expensive and quite quick.


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