Fencing ideas on improving single-picket fence
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Fencing ideas on improving single-picket fence

by GazzyUK » Sun May 17, 2020 12:48 pm

Hi all,

I was looking for some inspiration on a fencing issue I've got. My garden has 3 fences surrounding it; the side and back fence belong to me (with the left side fence having a gate in it), the other (right) side fence is shared with a neighbour. The posts are in my garden and the smooth side presents outwards, and other than needing a repaint, it's in good condition.

We've been having good discussions with the neighbour since they're looking to have more privacy since the fence is a regular picket fence with just over an inch gap between each picket (a regular side is 3 posts, 3 horizontal rails going across, and the pickets nailed to those).

The neighbour doesn't want to go to the expense of erecting their own separate fence, and I suggested that if she "over picketed" her side (with the other neighbour) then I'd picket our side in the same way, creating a nice airflow. Then the practical issues come:

1) How do you do this on a gate when you have the hinge braces/latches standing proud?
2) We originally wanted to put a capping rail over the fence, but this would look silly on the left side since it'd have two pickets but only one capped?

Looking for inspiration! Many thanks in advance.

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