Paint Metal with Matte Finish Plus Print Transfer
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Paint Metal with Matte Finish Plus Print Transfer

Post by JackPCooke » Thu May 13, 2021 9:15 am


This is mostly a question about paint and design and a simple Google search hasn't yielded convincing results.

I am creating a little retro Games console for my brother's 30th. To do this I have bought a mini PC [Lenovo M93p Tiny desktop] and installed Batocera that acts as a front end for a bunch of different Video game emulators.

As the Pc is a slim Square shape, my siblings have agreed to design the casing in such a way that it resembles a NES games cartridge. We want to place a custom design in place of the games box art/label.

The casing is a Black metal casing.

So I'd first like to know how I can paint the metal casing with a Grey Matte finish.

Then secondly add the print label and show the illusion of the embedded grooves. I thought it'd be best to create/download the designs on a computer. To then attempt a print transfer onto the metal casing.

Most of what I've seen online show a Black Matte colour for metal. Then the Metal print transfers have usually been black outlines on uncoloured steel, which has a kind of faded look.

I want mine to look as much like a plastic NES cartridge as possible.

This is the first forum I've found that might have some answers for me. If I'm in the wrong place please direct me to where I may get my answer.


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